Demag Shovel- Seriti (New Vaal)

Demag Shovel- Seriti (New Vaal)

This was the 1st Lucient Engineering and Construction at Seriti- Feb 2021

South 32 dragline Boom Rebuild – Klipspruit Mine- Aug 2018

Planned for 6 months, completed in 4 months Lucient was part of the team that repaired part of the Boom and rebuild the other half of the Boom. The first Dragline Boom Rebuild in Africa

Bucyrus rope shovel shutdown- First Quantum Minerals Zambia

Lucient successfully completed a Bucyrus rope shovel shutdown in First Quantum Minerals, Zambia.

80 Komatsu 930E haul truck rebuilds (averaging 3 trucks a month)

In 2020, Lucient Engineering and Construction recently completed one of the largest ever continuous ultra-class truck rebuild programs in Africa (80 Komatsu 930E haul trucks);

Assemble and commission of 60 new Komatsu 930E Haul Trucks (300t)

Lucient Engineering and Construction is the only engineering services company in SOUTHERN AFRICA to assemble and commission 60 new Komatsu 930E Haul Trucks (300t)

Dragline Boom Rebuild

Successful partnership with Barloworld Equipment in the completion of a 4-month dragline Boom Rebuild in a Mpumalanga coal mine.