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Engineering Africa

Lucient is committed to a lasting positive socio-economic benefit to our host communities through leveraging our core business for development impact and engaging in corporate social investment activities, guided by the company code of conduct and Business Ethics.

Corporate and Social Investment (“CSI”)


In South Africa, Lucient will continue the same CSI approach it has adopted in Botswana.

the In 2015, Lucient sought the assistance from the Botswana Chamber of Mines, to initiate a programme that promotes localisation and the transfer of rare and critical skills from expatriates to citizens through systematic, coaching, mentoring and on the job training.  We received our first intake of trainees, which consists of 2 Diesel Mechanics and 1 Millwright, in 2015;

  • Currently, through this programme, we have now had over 20 trainees trained by Lucient;
  • Of those trainees, 8 are currently employed with Lucient;
  • In addition to the Chamber of Mines programme, Lucient has other technical Skills Development programmes, targeted at Batswana citizen;
  • Lucient believes in skills development of citizen to such an extent, that it established Lucient Training (Pty) Ltd, in order for us to pursue citizen skills development of our Lucient citizen employees, as well as our customers citizen employees;
  • Lucient has spent more than BWP360,000 (ZAR470,000) on training for Batswana in the last 2 years;
  • To date, since 2015, Lucient has trained and developed skills, of more than 150 people, technical training, which spans from Operating an Overhead Crane, Operating a Forklift, to Working at Heights Training, of which more than 85% are Batswana citizens;
  • Lucient plans to intensify this citizen skills development and transfer programme through any project it embarks on.


  • Even through Lucient can be considered as a small business, we strong believe in empowering other companies, to such an extent that along with our Citizen Empowerment Policy, we had a Corporate Social Investment Policy that promotes the support of local small businesses. This policy has been in effect since 2015;
  • In a recent case study conducted for one of our Jwaneng (Botswana) based customers, Lucient illustrated how, through its appointment of a project, it was able to generate and account for 60 direct jobs and 20 indirect jobs, as well as support 5 locally based small businesses, through the supply of:
  • Training;
  • PPE;
  • Extended Security Services;
  • Transportation Services;
  • Catering Services; and
  • Medicals Services


  • In Botswana, aligned to its Corporate Social Investment (“CSI”) policy, we are a long-time supporter of the Jwaneng based Galaxy FC, partnering with them at a time when they had still not been promoted to the Botswana Premier League.
  • The directors of Lucient mentor a number of young engineers, engineering professionals and potential engineers who are still at tertiary, or early in their engineering careers, and once Lucient reaches a stage when it can accommodate up and coming professionals, we plan to do so.
  • As part of its drive to assist young professionals and up an coming professionals, the directors of Lucient subscribe to and are active (and in some cases Board Members) in a number of associations, with include Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (“SAIMM”), Wits University Mining and Engineering Association (“WUMEA”), Engineering Council of Southern Africa (“ECSA”), Botswana International University of Science and Technology (“BIUST”), and between the directors of Lucient, more than 20 professionals and students are mentored. During various periods throughout the year, the directors of Lucient attend and present at education institution career days, as well as get special invites to go to talk to students at tertiary and high school level.

The Environment

Lucient is committed to ensuring that we conduct our business in such a way that we minimise any impact on the environment.